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Meet IAS Vijay Wardhan, who failed 35 times but cracked UPSC exam

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The motto “Never Ever Give Up” is vividly embodied in the remarkable journey of IAS Vijay Wardhan, who faced an astonishing 35 exam failures before finally achieving success in India’s toughest Civil Services Exam. His story serves as a beacon of inspiration for aspiring UPSC candidates.

Hailing from Sirsa, Haryana, Vijay Wardhan embarked on his academic journey locally before pursuing a B.Tech in Electronics Engineering in Hisar. Despite fervently attempting around thirty different exams, including Haryana PCS, UPPSC, SSC, and CGL, success eluded him.

Undeterred by repeated setbacks, Vijay Wardhan’s resilience remained unshaken. Relocating to Delhi, he confronted the UPSC challenge head-on. Despite four consecutive unsuccessful attempts starting from 2014, he persisted.

Nevertheless, amidst the persistence lay the seeds of triumph. In 2018, his unwavering dedication bore fruit as he secured a prestigious All India Rank (AIR) of 104 in the UPSC, elevating him to the rank of IPS. Yet, driven by loftier aspirations, the allure of the IAS beckoned him onward.

Meet IAS Vijay Wardhan, who failed 35 times but cracked UPSC exam

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